People often struggle to find out what taxes they own to their government and in order to help you out, we will make an overview of taxes in Bulgaria to reveal some of the most fundamental points.

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This brief overview of the taxation in Bulgaria is prepared exclusively for general…

The unusual undertaking called Libra and its place in the highly competitive and vast crypto world.

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Less than a year ago, Facebook brought to the big public news about its plans to create a brand-new currency working on the Blockchain basis. The name is ‘Libra’, and some of the greatest…

What kind of legal issues inexperienced undertakers may face during the early stage of business ideas in today’s world of informational technology?

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During one of my last interviews, I was asked if the role of a Chief Legal Officer (CLO) is essential for a startup and what are the main…

In this article, we aim to explain the Shareholder’s Agreement and the key points surrounding it.

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The latest point at which you will have to have a shareholders agreement (‘SHA’) would be when your startup is ready to move ahead with angel/institutional investments. It is one of the most crucial…

In the second part of the topic regarding the ICO and how credible regulations could affect it in a positive way, we try to give a deeper and better understanding of the main issues related to it.

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As a matter of fact, the current degree of trust in initial coin…

In this article, we aim to explain what are the main issues regarding the ICO and how credible regulations could affect it in a positive way.

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Initial coin offering, or as some might well define it — ‘the quickest way to lose your money’ is a long-gone form of crowdfunding…

With this article we aim to explain the actual value of virtual currencies and to clarify their legal status as well as the regulation to which they would be subject to in the future.

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We recently came across a post on social media about recruiting legal professionals to work on…

In this article, we aim to provide the reader with a basic understanding of how the decentralised technologies work so that they can comprehend the fundamentals behind the legal evolution.

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We dedicated Part I of this series of articles to the basics of the current state of innovation in the…

This article will enhance your understanding of the legal nature of this transition.

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The development of innovative technologies has always led to a disruption of every aspect of the economic and legal structure of our society. Have you thought of why people prefer having Bitcoin instead of USD and vice-versa…


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